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  • Pay only for hours worked.
  • Pay one invoice or we can customize to your need.
  • Elimination of Federal/State, recording and contributions deposits.
  • Handling of W-4's, W-2's and I-9 verification compliance.
  • We handle all unemployment claims, manage on the job injuries and employee issues.
  • We cover you with business insurances that protect you from employee liabilities like EPLI, Workers Compensation, Commercial General liability, Automobile and Umbrella liability. 
  • We are fully automated and supply a time and attendance system at no cost.
  • Our employees enjoy full benefits like major medical, dental, vision, life insurance, 401 (k) even pet insurance at no cost to you. 
  • You safe on holiday pay, sick pay, personal pay and vacation paid time off.
  • You do not pay a cent until we find a employee that you agree on.
  • If you decide that on the first work day of any employee the employee is not a good fit, you have fours hours to decide at no cost.
  • The most important thing that we offer our clients is peace of mind knowing that our employees are fully covered and will not be a liability to our clients should there be a on the job accident or some other employee issue. 
  • Fully tax deductible.